Hooray I made it to day 50!

I started this project to challenge and motivate myself. The idea was to do a painting a day for 100 days. I decided to work on paper as opposed to canvas because I felt that I wouldn't take myself so seriously and would approach each piece more freely. Along with Acrylic paints that I use most of the time , I wanted to experiment with materials that I haven't worked with in a long time especially crayons and water paints. I am very interested in combining different textures on one surface. The main purpose was to stay out of my head, think as little as possible and just let the texture and colors be my guide. So here I am at day 50, the first milestone. I am so amazed by the profound  affect this series has had on me. The challenge has been empowering. I am much more focused and committed to my art. My painting style has been freed up, a goal that I have been striving toward for a very long time.  Stay tuned, I plan to go on to my final goal of 100 days. You never know what can happen if you just trust and let go. 

mary ellis