India Revelation

India blew my mind , opened my heart, and changed how I view the world.

At a glance, in a flash all at the same time you witness beautiful people wearing magnificent colored saris, garbage piled high in the streets, soot on the trees, endless traffic and honking, dogs and people sleeping on the streets , and children begging. If anyone had related any of this to me ahead of time I probably wouldn’t have imagined going to such a place . It is a land of extreme contrasts where you have to surrender to appreciate its exquisite beauty. It is all about the amazing people with their welcoming hearts, and their easily offered warm smiles. I was made to feel that my very presence, was so appreciated and enough. There was nothing I had to do to be accepted. I have never felt so at peace and happy in a foreign country. My biggest take away from this adventure was how flawed our value system is here in America. We are conditioned to continuously strive to acquire more and more, and are always looking ahead to the next thing. We are told all of our lives that If we do this we will ultimately be happy. Unfortunately we never have enough , we are continuously frustrated and most people are not happy. I experienced something very different in India. People had so much less materially than we do and they were peaceful. The present moment was what was important. It is quite a challenge to stay tuned to this revelation . I continuously have to catch myself falling back into the lie that always looking ahead will bring me happiness. I struggle daily with staying with my joy of being alive here and now ,and knowing there is nothing else.

mary ellis