Happy Accident

Recently a friend asked me how the 100 day project affected my painting? I shared with her that the biggest take away was that the whole project became an exercise in allowing more freedom and spontaneity in my work and the motivation and discipline to get into my studio every day.  

At the end of the project instead of framing and matting these pieces I decided to mount them on natural Birchwood panels to give them a fresh contemporary presentation. As I glued the art to the wood I had to cut off excess paper so the edges were clean and lined up. Slowly a lovely pile of painted scrapes were accumulating on my work table. They were so pretty and I just couldn’t throw them away.

I started playing with these little skinny scrapes, randomly from the pile and placed them side by side on another wood panel. This was something I never would have thought of or planned. Wow, they took on a life of their own, and I was so happy with these new little gems .This wonderful accident was the evolution of my series I call Cut Ups.

mary ellis