Mary Ellis talking about how she creates a new painting at the Art Expo NY April 15, 2016.

Every new canvas begins as an adventure. Mary works intuitively with no conscious intention, drawing from her years of development as an artist, the gift that she was blessed with, and her absolute love of brilliant color and the texture of paint. The work is about rhythm, energy, light, space, and color. Sometimes she relies on a landscape structure and other times a play between shapes and lines, focusing on figure  ground relationships. The texture, fluidity, and immediacy of paint feels like a dance.

There is a point when a composition evolves and the work takes on a life of its own, balancing between spontaneity and structure. Mary usually works on three or four canvases at a time, but she says all of her work feels like one continuous painting allowing her a deeper understanding of her own self expression. 

She hopes the viewer will join her in the adventure, set thought aside, and be open to allowing their senses to take in and enjoy her work on a purely emotional and visceral level.