Everything is Energy

Order Disorder 36x36 Acrylic on canvas 2670.jpg

When I distill an image or line into its most basic elements, one line, a gesture, I see matter as pure energy.

A line is a representation of that energy, the soul of an object. I am most comfortable in my art when I make no reference to recognizable objects, as it allows me to draw from my heart. Our brains are constantly organizing objects to determine a reference point. We are compelled to label reality when actually, reality is vibrating energy in space, “just energy” . When I make a line or mark, I am establishing myself on the painting surface.

Raw line is just energy floating in space. There is a loose definition of a border but it is so tenuous. There is very little distance between the line and the space. Art portrays the essence of everything. It goes right past the brain to your heart. Objects are just vibrating particles. It is a closer reality to what is real than what our eyes perceive.

Painting recognizable objects feels restrictive, thus my love of abstraction. Line, space color, energy.

mary ellis